Podcast trends for 2023


Posted on March 27 2023 by Angie Martínez

According to Demandsage data, there are 387 million people in the world who listen to one of the 2.4 million broadcasts. That's why today we want to tell you what podcasts will be like in the new year 2023.

The audience is clear: according to a recent report published by the iVoox Observatory, 65.96% of those who listen to podcasts do so because they are learning: "Podcast listeners are, for the most part, educated, active and of medium-high level. Listeners with purchasing power, who will continue to be attracted by topics such as history, mystery and politics".

According to the platform, "one of the main tools to attract and retain an audience is the creation of content adapted to the needs of all types of user profiles". Therefore, "a growing interest of listeners in current affairs will continue to drive the supply of news content, especially highlighting the current generation of podcasts or investigative reports". Another emerging trend is "audio fiction, true crime, heart podcasts or podcasts aimed at generation z, among many others".

According to the IVoox Observatory, "48.41% of listeners discover podcasts through content recommendations". Its purpose is to "facilitate the choice of users with limited leisure time". Social networks, video streaming platforms, podcasts, music and even offline entertainment compete for their attention.

Transmedia podcasts and video podcasts. Podcasts merged with video last year, according to iVoxx. The trend is already starting to push independent podcast creators to dive into their videos and leverage the virality of direct community interaction on Twitch and share clips on TikTok, they note, Generation Z's go-to infotainment channel.

Another trend is "live podcasts as a mode of cultural entertainment."

And according to the latest iVoox Observatory research, "57.3% of listeners are willing to pay to support creators through subscriptions to their favorite content. This trend continues to grow year after year. This modality will allow "podcasters to monetize their podcasts". Without giving up on growing their audience The forecasts are that we will evolve towards paying for episodes, listings or podcasts on their own, along with a subscription model It opens up a variety of options for creators who live on recurring monthly Payments.

Like social networks, "creators tend to build strong, engaged communities, which is essential to continue to grow their audience and generate revenue. We will increase our interaction and encourage collaboration by commenting, sharing and recommending podcasts from the same platform where you listen to the content."

The enormous potential of podcasts as an advertising medium for brands is far from reaching its limits," the platform explains. It also cites data from IAB, saying that "advertising investment in podcasts will grow by 8% in 2023, faster than music streaming services, and total Internet advertising revenue in Spain will grow by 5.8% in 2026." 5,214 million euros (PWC). In this section, branded content continues to be a booming modality that brands choose to reach consumers, and creators will increase their search for value sponsorships that do not distort the creation and dissemination of content.

Podcast audiences are expected to "grow to 26.6 million listeners by 2026, generating €590 million in revenue" (PwC).

Digital audio is on the rise, and podcasts are expected to become an advertising business, join the podcasting revolution.