How much does a home podcast studio cost?


Posted on November 30 2022 by nodalab

Many people ask nodalab how much it really costs to make a podcast. We are also asked how much it costs to produce a good quality podcast, and while listening to a podcast is completely free (in many cases), producing a good quality show can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the software and hardware you have.

In this blogpost, we will help you solve all your doubts: If you are thinking of setting up your own home podcast studio, keep reading.

The first thing you need is to plan and make a checklist. Lists work for many people when it comes to planning, and nodalab wants to give you its magic checklist so you can record a podcast from wherever you are:

1. Microphone: It is your podcast's base and essence. Without one, you couldn't create anything at all. Although all mobile devices that we know and use on a daily basis have a built-in microphone, we recommend that you use a microphone that helps and benefits your recording with sound reduction. In the following link we share the best microphones that exist on the market. Estimated price ($99 up to $399 USD + $50 Extra for accessories like filters and mounts).

2. Headphones: The best studio headphones will block outside noise, so you only hear what's playing through the headphones and no noise from your guest gets into your microphone. These are used while the show is being recorded and for listening during post-production. We share some recommendations here. Estimated price (From $75 to $180 USD).

3. Interface (optional to start): An interface is a device that converts the electrical signal into digital to be able to work it in our DAW. During this process, several physical elements (of the interface) intervene that influence the quality of the analog/digital (A/D) conversion. Although the interface helps us translate the analog vibrations of the microphones, you don't need to have one if you're just getting started. There are good software that help you solve this technical problem. Although we recommend having one, there is no rush to have absolutely all the setup if you are about to record your first episodes.

4. Computer, tablet or phone:

If the podcast is the goal, the computer, tablet, or mobile phone is the means to achieve it. There are many ways to record and edit a podcast from any of these three devices. It does not have to be anything from the other world, nor the highest price.

Thanks to technology, today we can have microphones that connect directly via USB and that work directly with a computer or phone (just like your hearing aids).

Also, with the nodalab platform, you can publish your podcast once it is finished in 4 steps. If you want to know more, go to the following link.

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