5 Keys to Make a Profitable Branded Podcast


Posted on November 02 2022 by nodalab

Let's face it: nobody likes to listen to a 30-minute commercial. But what about a content specially made for you, produced by your favorite content creators, that fits your needs and interests and that through a captivating story (it does not matter if it is fiction or non-fiction), can make you connect with the values ​​of a brand or a company, making it closer to you and more human? Well, that's the branded podcast.

At the beginning of the year, the IPG Mediabrands agency, Magna and Spotify Advertising presented a study showing the similarity between listening to podcasts and watching TV, for example, and how, little by little, new generations are choosing podcasts over others. media. Because they are an intimate, niche medium that genuinely listens to the needs of the audience, without forcing them to carry out any transaction or listen to something they don't want.

It is an incredible opportunity to do content marketing, to unleash your imagination and create a product that transmits everything about your brand, through funny conversations or science fiction with a journalistic style, the magic of digital audio is that you can imagine whatever.

Next, we share 5 things that your branded podcast cannot miss:

1- Create a concept from your main brand: All brands have goals, values ​​and a purpose. Map what the goals and values ​​of your brand or product are and how you want to transmit them in this new digital marketing format.

2- Authenticity is everything: Remember that nobody wants to listen to the same podcast that everyone else is doing. At nodalab we are fans of fiction and documentary reporting, which can help you a lot to generate trust and intimacy with your audience and consumers.

3- Understand the podcast industry and stay on top of trends: The podcast world is constantly changing and audiences set the tone for everything we do to happen, grow and flourish. Give yourself the opportunity to connect with people who are experts in the industry and follow accounts that inspire you to improve the quality of the content you are making.

4- Listen to other podcasts to get inspired: Remember that practice often makes perfect and in order to be a good podcaster, you need to know the practices of other successful podcasters. Find out what the best practices are for creating your podcast.

5- Hire a professional podcast production company: If you are looking to create a branded podcast, it is because you are a Marketing Champion and you know that, in order to have the best product, with the best quality, you need to have the best team. Focus your energies on what you do best and let a group of experts in podcast creation and production take care of everything else. Relax and wait for the final product. We assure you that you will not regret it.

Do you want to create a branded podcast and don't know where to start? Contact us and discover the magic of monetization through digital audio with nodalab.