The power of collaboration through podcasting with We Walk The Earth


Posted on October 28 2022 by Sofia Isabel

Building a puzzle, a house or a piece of furniture is not easy, much less fast. Carpentry or blacksmithing are age-old trades that take time to perfect, and it’s definitely not something we can learn on our own. Now imagine what it takes to create a podcast, launch it, monetize it and take it to the TOP 100 of the most listened programs in charts like Spotify or Apple Podcast. Carry out more than 100 micro-tasks without a support system or a team to collaborate with. Impossible. They also call it podfade.

We need a team that has the same goals as us in order to make a show successful. And we also need other projects to validate and support the communication we want to share with the whole world. We are looking for networks of support and collaboration, other projects that want to change the world with a similar (but not identical) message to ours and make it a better and fairer place.

In this blogpost, we touch on two topics that are relevant and crucial for the growth of the podcasting industry with a success story: collaboration with other projects and support networks with We Walk The Earth.

According to the Innovation Factory Institute, there are about 20 different definitions to describe co-creation, but they all agree that co-creation and collaboration have a shared space: great collaborations result in a great experience.

Co-creation helps with linking and spreading the messages we are looking to share. It doesn’t matter if we are a small, medium, or large company, collaboration, and co-creation, especially in the podcast industry, where large companies have a leg up on smaller podcast creators or even independent podcasters.

Some qualities of collaboration and co-creation that we encourage at nodalab: Make a brand or project stronger, increasing brand loyalty, increasing brand awareness, aligns with certain values and purpose of the projects.


When We Walk The Earth started, Sergio Isauro, creator of the original concept, told me, “I made a wishlist of the guests I would like to bring to the podcast. I know it has just started, but we have to dream big, right?”. And that’s the truth, it doesn’t matter the circumstances and how difficult it may be to grow a podcast, if we follow our intuition, pull all the strength, feel passion and love for what we do, and trust the main idea, we can achieve ANYTHING. That is something that has characterized We Walk The Earth and Sergio Isauro since his journey as a podcaster began.


When I start creating a concept and an original idea with creators, I like to ask them where their inspiration to develop podcasts comes from: Do they listen to podcasts? What awakens them inside? What are their greatest passions? How are they going to change the world through the content we produce together?

Since he started We Walk The Earth, Sergio had a very clear goal: to seek connections, creativity, adventures, and learning through conversations. He seeks honesty, love, and joy. Everything else came on its own.

After twenty-two episodes, perfectly planned, designed, recorded, produced, and launched, I must confess that I feel extremely proud that the vision of a creator achieves his goals: To meet and connect with other podcasters who inspired him to start his path in this medium.

How to flow and connect with what gives us the roots to keep walking on this earth? How to share these values through stories and learning?

Sergio plays with creativity and explores the multitude of realities and experiences that represents to be a human walking this earth. Every story and every soundscape is made to inspire and feed our souls. It is there, that he finds common ground with Mendel Skulski, host of Future Ecologies. Listen to the conversation between two people who found each other and connected through this noble, intimate, and bonding format to grow together.