Why are podcasts good for brands?


Posted on October 21 2022 by nodalab

While digital audio advertising is on the rise and is a great way to promote a company's message, the branded podcast has become a competition to discover who can most humanize corporate messaging across brands. And it's not surprising: Consumers are increasingly aware of when we are being honest with them and when we are selling to them without any filter.

According to the Insider Intelligence eMarketer report, the most popular podcasts globally are in English, with Spanish in second place. Based on the number of internet users who log in and can listen to a podcast:

Although North America and Asia-Pacific are the two regions where the medium is most consumed, emerging markets such as Latin America are rapidly increasing their audiences, shaping up to make podcasting in Spanish the second most listened to language globally.

Brands usually have an understanding of the psychology of niche audiences. And global brands like General Electric, Johnson and Johnson, Basecamp, Shopify and LinkedIn are connecting with new potential customers through this medium.

There are myriad benefits for brands when it comes to getting involved in the digital audio industry. And we know that both you and your audiences are tired of screens, so this is the perfect way to escape visual fatigue. Podcasts not only help our eyes rest, they also spark our imaginations through other senses.

Here are some hard facts that will interest you:

-67% of podcast listeners enjoy hearing an ad within their content.

-According to The Infinite Dial 2021 report, more than 116 million people in the United States consume podcasts once a month.

-Podcast advertising generates leads with a SEVEN times higher conversion rate than leads from regular website traffic.

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