Case Study: The success of season 2 of El Dragón Azul


Posted on September 28 2022 by Sofía Isabel

El Dragón Azul is an original nodalab podcast, created by Dito Torres. In this podcast, we invite you to discover the secrets of the universe, to know your spiritual path, and to answer questions that we were not taught to ask ourselves in school.

As we grow, we are approaching problems that may seem banal at first glance, but that have EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING to do with how well we know ourselves as people. Vulnerability, grief, and compassion are emotional states that we will undoubtedly feel as we grow on this plane, and El Dragón Azul is here to walk us through in that self-knowledge process.

Why expect some situations and experience disappointment when we can be constantly open that whatever is going to happen will happen because it is the best thing that could happen?

El Dragón Azul teaches us to know ourselves deeply, and to achieve personal healing and growth.

Season 1

In the first season of this original nodalab podcast, we had the opportunity to appear in the editorial curation of Apple Podcasts. Thanks to the digital marketing efforts made by the nodalab team, we managed to reach 10K listeners in a short time.

Listen to the most popular episodes of El Dragón Azul Season 1:

12: La medicina del alma

06: Un poquito de compasión

07: X-pectativa vs X-periencia (ft. Ana Belén Lander)

What changed in season 2 of El Dragón Azul?

Season 2

The 10K listeners of the first season grew in the second season of El Dragón Azul thanks to the following actions we carried out, based on podcasting trends and the support of social networks:

El Dragón Azul’s branding -We changed for a different artwork, where the symbolic figure of the Dragon grew, as well as the voice of the experience that narrates the show.

-We created a Tik Tok account that quickly reached 1K followers, and little by little they became 4K. Getting the audiences of the most popular social network of the moment to turn to see and listen to the podcast. Get to know the content of El Dragón Azu on Tik Tok here.

-We collaborated with 7 different podcasters, creating a cross-promotional community, and promoting other podcast projects within the show to strengthen ties in the podcasting ecosystem in Spanish, including Eva Latapi, Pamela Herrera (Tavulva), Maryell Cisneros, Esther Iturralde and La Historia Jamás Contada team.

These are the most popular episodes of the second season of El Dragón Azul:

14: Dios

21: La Balanza Vital

20: Te dejo ir con Eva Latapi

The podcast industry in Latin America is growing by leaps and bounds, and this is proof of it. Discover how to create, grow and monetize your podcast with nodalab and look forward to the next season of El Dragón Azul, which will come stronger than ever.