5 Key Points To Detach Yourself From Your Podcast Production


Posted on September 14 2022 by nodalab

Do you have a lot of work and producing seems like a distant task to achieve?

Don't worry! At nodalab we want to lighten your workload. In this article you will find 5 keys that will help you to detach yourself from the production of your podcast:

  1. Project Manager: When it comes to producing your podcast, this person is your best ally. The main job of a Project Manager is to make sure that all those involved in the production carry out their tasks in an effective way. In this article, you can find more about the role of a Project Manager.

  1. Task Manager: This is where technology comes in. Tools like Asana, Trello, or monday.com are really useful, but only nodalab will help you organizing, managing, and getting work done perfectly.

  1. Audio editing, mixing, and production: A successful podcast sounds clear, has excellent audio editing, and has enough auditory resources. At this point having the best audio designers, editors, and mixing engineers is very important.

  1. Copywriter: A podcast cannot live only from audio, that is why having copywriters is a key point. The person in this position is in charge of writing the show notes, blog posts, and social media copy among many other things. Learn more about the importance of show notes here.

  1. Community Manager: You already have your podcast recorded, edited, and ready for the audience to consume, now you have to make yourself known and this is where the community managers come in. They are the people who, as their name suggests, will help you create a community and keep it active with different social media strategies.

At nodalab we will give you all the tools for you to control your production workflow and let yourself focus on what you do best: creativity! Contact us and leave everything in our hands!