presenting our new platform: podcasting-as-a-service


Posted on September 06 2022 by nodalab

With the launch of our collaborative platform, we want to revolutionize the podcast industry: Creators, producers, marketers, editors, contributors and DIYers who want to monetize through podcasts will obtain the necessary tools to create and connect with nodalab.

Why did we see the need to create another podcasting platform?

Podcasting has its problems: Podfading (or that tendency that more than half of the podcasts created have of lowering the frequency of publication until they cease to exist), the inability of podcasters to grow their audiences and the difficulties to monetize, are problems that any podcaster faces every day.

If we put ourselves in the shoes of advertisers, we would realize that unlike media like YouTube, or even social networks, podcast is a mystery. Many times, digital marketing agencies would not even know how to approach advertising in digital audio. In the face of uncertainty, taking risks to innovate in a medium you do not know is not something that anyone would do.

Through our experience in podcasting, we have realized how fast the medium has evolved, and we believe that the moment for LATAM is now. We need content managementnetworking and adtech tools to continue promoting the industry. Above all, we want to lower the barrier to entry for new podcasts and for brands that want to use the podcast as a digital marketing tool.

We know that there are already many tools that help us harness what Spotify calls the power of audio, and we want to integrate them to build more efficient production and promotion flows that are less prone to human error. At the same time, we want to take podcasting to a new stage in LATAM, as a fundamental part of the creator economy. We want to listen closely to the Latin world, and provide solutions that are tailored to our market.

How does our podcasting-as-a-service platform work?

nodalab is a product in constant evolution, which adapts to a changing industry and emerging technologies. With nodalab, you can optimize content creation quickly and easily, unifying information and creating a single source of truth. Forget about constantly downloading and uploading files, updating documents in parallel, using multiple applications for communication and management, and checking your statistics everywhere. nodalab connects the nodes and helps your favorite apps work better, working in sync.

How does the marketplace for brands and creators work?

Creating a podcast campaign has never been so fast and secure. The marketplace is a place to connect and collaborate with other podcasters, and to easily buy and sell audio ads. Cross-promotion is a basic tool in a podcaster's arsenal to grow its audiences, and we believe it will also be an essential tool to drive digital marketing and establish a brand voice. Through the marketplace, we can promote organic strategies and paid strategies, making ourselves present to the audiences in the medium that they already know and prefer.

How nodalab was born:

Four years ago we began a journey that would change the rest of our lives. The nodalab name was born from a simple idea: a collaborative network (connected through its nodes) to collaborate and experiment (or a laboratory of ideas). In our beginnings, we were not looking for podcasting, but it was podcasting that found us. We discovered a fertile medium to channel our ideas and involve the entire community around us. 4 years have passed since that initial idea, and through various iterations and experimentations, we have gone from a production company to an agency, to a network, and ultimately, to a platform. But even if we change our shape and strategy, the purpose remains consistent: turn passion into profit.