Correction and mixing, what is it and why it's crucial for podcast production?


Posted on August 18 2022 by nodalab

If you have a well-grounded idea to launch a podcast or you have already recorded an episode; in this blog post we tell you what you should consider to give it the professional sound that will take it to the next level. 

Post-production of a podcast includes the post-recording and pre-release processes. Whether you record in a studio or not, is important that you know two indispensable processes that will contribute to your podcast having the perfect sound: 

Audio correction:

When recording it is difficult to control the environment and its noises. In audio correction, the mixing engineer softens or eliminates unwanted sounds. With different plugins or tools he reduces noise leaks and obtains a cleaner audio. 

On the other hand, microphones can be sensitive to certain frequencies and it's common that some people have a hiss, stress consonants when speaking or voice tones vary during recording. In these cases, with equalization and dynamic range regulation, uniform and controlled voices are delivered.


It's not only a technical process necessary to improve the sound and quality of your podcast; it is a creative process that can boost the message and emotions you want to convey to your audience. 

The engineer levels, mixes and processes the voice tracks; the effects; the music and all the necessary sounds, depending on the case and the requirements of the podcast, so that together they sound harmonious and make sense.

In short; if you correct the audio of your recording you will obtain a harmonious and clean sound, and with the right mix you will reinforce the intention, the emotions and the message you are trying to convey. Together, these two processes will contribute to the quality sound of your podcast.

To provide the best listening experience to your audience, you should ideally record your podcast in appropriate facilities with the necessary equipment. Nodalab also has professionals who will accompany you throughout the process. Contact us!