Posted on August 04 2022 by nodalab

Do you want your podcast to be relevant? Do you want to achieve a hit for your marketing mix? Are you looking for an outlet to create content and don't know what to do to make your creative processes more efficient? In this blogpost, we tell you the 8 most relevant facts about the podcasting scene, so that once and for all you can take the first step and encourage yourself to create, produce and monetize the podcast you've always dreamed of.

This is a summary of podcast consumption data in the geographical area where the medium was born and where it is most consumed. We'll be sharing more specifics about demographics, and interests to the spanish-speaking community very soon. But for now, here are eight of the most interesting statistics related to podcasting:

  1. More than half of the population in the United States has listened to podcasts at least once in their lives, specifically, 55%. That is why it is the geographical space with the most maturity in the medium! Of the 55%, 37% listen to podcasts at least once a month and 24% do so once a week.

  2. Apple Podcasts is the most popular podcast search engine in the world, even after Spotify, thanks to the possibility of listening on the iPhone application, Apple Device or Smart Speakers. Spotify has been betting on taking the top spot from Apple Podcasts for several years, but it still hasn't succeeded.

  3. More than half of podcasting consumption occurs at home: 52% of listeners in the United States listen to podcasts while doing some household activity, cooking, exercising, or even before bed, as if they were being told a story. The second most popular way to listen to podcasts is by car (18%). This has made a difference in radio consumption, which most listeners of this medium do in some car course.

  4. The average number of downloads of a podcast during its first month on the air is 141: In contrast, the most listened podcasts, according to Income School, hover between 3,000 and 3,400 downloads during the first 30 days.

  5. The most popular category worldwide is: Comedy! Why? Because humor is timeless, it's fun and it takes you out of your usual routine. Also, there are many types of humor, covering different personalities, ages, interests, etc. If you are trying to reach a HUGE number of listeners through your podcast, considering creating comedy content is a must.

  6. 38% of podcast audiences buy products mentioned within shows: Despite the fact that podcast audiences listen for entertainment, more than a third of the total consider making a purchase if they hear the ad within a podcast. Podcast ads have fantastic sales conversions and offer a much higher ROI than other marketing channels.

  7. Podcasts are especially effective at generating engagement with ad avoiders. According to the BBC Audio: Activated study, people who avoid listening to ads showed a 22% increase in engagement, are characterized by their emotional intensity and memory encoding when they are listening to a brand advertised on a podcast compared to a traditional ad on TV. Audio advertising is a super effective way for marketers to connect with a demographic that is often much harder to reach.

Now you have all the tools to take that step and say YES to that podcast for your company, for your marketing mix or for your personal brand. Reach us today and receive a 10% discount on your first purchase of services. 

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